In my local jurisdiction, movie theatres are allowed to be open now, albeit with some restrictions and new safety protocols. While people can now watch movies as before, there’s nothing really new to watch. There is an odd disconnect between local theatres and the movie studios because the studios are not releasing new films yet. As such, we are in an odd time where the movies being shown range from films released in the 1970s to films that came out just this year.

Who is going to the theatres to see films that you could watch on Netflix or a similar service at home? I get that the experience of going to a movie in an auditorium is unique and special, but is it worth it to go see an old movie? While it might be tiny, every time we enter an enclosed space with strangers for an extended period of time, there is a risk involved. Are people that starved for entertainment that they want to go see Jaws in a theatre? I guess I should be happy people have that choice now, as many other countries don’t have that freedom.

The only thing that would tempt me to go back to movie theatres would be if the studios starting releasing new movies again. I’m not sure that will happen until the United States gets their affairs in order and the likelihood of that happening in the next six months seems awfully slim at this point.

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