On Sunday evening I was walking home near my apartment when I noticed two young gentlemen walking in a direction perpendicular to me. I was almost at my building at this point. One of the gents kept looking in my direction. I was wondering if he saw someone behind me but I was the only person on my sidewalk.

He said something quick to his associate and then made a right turn to approach me. When he got close, I saw that he was well-dressed for this neighbourhood and the time of day (a Sunday at 9pm). He was wearing a suit with modern styling and a pocket square. He seemed out of place.

As he approached me, he stopped and starting to talk to me from a respectful distance. He first complemented me, said something about me seeming like a “cool dude”. He then asked me what I did for a living. I was immediately on the defensive. I said, “not much”. He then made the assumption that I was laid off recently. I let him continue to think that. He then asked me what I used to do. I did not want to let him know anything more about me so I just said, “sales”. He then asked me if I was interested in an opportunity that would be beneficial to me until I could find another source of employment. Boom! There’s the hook.

I immediately said no and I wished him a good night. I turned away, didn’t bother to listen to his response, and walked twenty feet to my apartment lobby. Luckily, I had to turn a corner, so he didn’t see where I live. I’m pretty sure these dudes are the ones that I wrote about in a previous post. They are part of some pyramid scheme or other shady enterprise. They prey on the vulnerable and it’s weird they finally tried talking to me after seeing them in my neighbourhood for years. With the pandemic, I wonder how they’ve adapted their approach. They used to conduct their meetings at Starbucks and frozen yogourt places because as a non-legitimate business, they have no real offices. Some of these places remain closed, so where do they meet up now with their potential targets?

Well, I hope they never approach me again.

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