A few days ago, there was a bit of a boo-boo at the construction site down the street from where I live. They’re building a new apartment complex there and someone broke the water main by accident. In the process of repairing the break, water had to be shut down for the whole block, which included my building.

We, as residents, were told that once water was restored, our faucets and such would need to be run to flush out any dirty sediment that might have been left over. Once the repairs were done, I did indeed have dirty, brown water for my kitchen sink and toilet but it seemed my shower/tub and bathroom sink were fine.

Upon further inspection, my bathroom sink was not fine. The pressure for this faucet was still very low, about less than half as before. The water also seemed very cloudy when it exited the faucet, to the point where it almost looks like milk. If you leave the water for a minute or so though, it become clear. It seems like the cloudiness comes from lots of bubbles in the water. I’m not sure what’s causing that. Does the low pressure and cloudiness/bubbles stem from the same root problem? I’m not sure. I may need to contact the resident manager and ask him if he has any idea.


The premise of the above video, from 2004, is that writer Andy Blitz, who at the time worked on Conan’s show, is too afraid to fly to Toronto, so he takes a cab instead. I believe that might actually be a lie, because later that year, Blitz appears in a hilarious skit where he flies to India for tech support. I don’t think that someone who would genuinely be afraid to fly would get in a long-haul flight from North America to India.


Today is Canada Day, a great and wonderful day for Canadians around the world. We celebrate the birth of our nation. This a Canada Day unlike those in recent memory. I have always felt but feel more so this year, how incredibly fortunate we are to live in Canada. Let us not take for granted the peace, order, and good government that our nation gives us. Other nations have shown us, this is not a product of just chance, but our collective will to make our country as such.

I will spend the day mostly inside but that’s ok. I will sleep in and play some video games as well. I could be worse off and many people would gladly trade spots with me.

Happy Canada Day!