This week I got cravings for pizza again. I stopped seeking out pizza more than a month ago when I realized it was making me fat. It’s so delicious though. Leftover pizza is also so easy to re-heat, convenient to eat, and still delicious. Maybe I’ll fall of the wagon this weekend and succumb to my pizza desires.

While we’re on the topic of food, I finally had a Chicken McMuffin this week. It was disappointing. I believe most of my disappointment stems from how poorly made my sandwich was. They did put enough mayo in it. My chicken was also dry. The lack of mayo and the dry chicken led to a dry sandwich overall. Personally, I think a breakfast sandwich needs a slight amount of grease to make it tasty. Also, it really needs an egg in the sandwich. That would put it over the top in terms of being a fantastic breakfast sandwich.

So yeah, I’ll probably eat unhealthy things this weekend.

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