Last month, a former teacher of mine retired after 47 years of teaching. Carlo Muro was a math and P.E. teacher to me at Maillard Junior Secondary for various parts of grade eight, nine, and ten. It will always seem weird to refer to him by his first name because he will never stop being Mr. Muro to me.

Nothing I can write will sum up how good of an educator and person he is. The article I linked does it infinitely better than I could. He taught with boundless enthusiasm, had a passion for his work, was tireless in his coaching duties, and you could tell he honestly cared about his students. In his long career, he probably taught or coached thousands of students. Each one of them was a young person who he had the responsibility of guiding and providing a positive influence on. He did it with class and respect.

I am glad I was able to be one of his students. He helped make Maillard a special place for me. I hope Mr. Muro enjoys his well-deserved retirement. He has earned it several times over.

2 thoughts on “A CAREER FOR THE AGES”

  1. Thanks Erwin not only for your incisive take on that coach/math teacher, but for providing a link to the story and videos about him.
    Heart-warming stuff, that.

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