So my initial thought about vacation this summer is that it would be a waste of vacation days to take time off during a pandemic where you can’t go anywhere, other than possibly inside your own province. Even then, you still have to be careful. I tend to leave the country when I go on vacation or at least leave the province but that’s not a likely scenario this summer. So, I’m original plan was to just keep all my vacation days until all of this blows over.

My latest thinking, however, is that it would suck not to have any extra days off this summer. Working from home is still work and there are days where I just wish I could not do work and just chill out. A co-worker of mine took yesterday off to go on a hike and that seemed like such a great idea. At the very least, I think I’ll take an extra day off with each remaining long weekend for the summer. I’ll probably take an odd vacation day here and there as well.

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