I sold and shipped my first ever item on eBay on the weekend. I sold some “old” 16GB DDR4 computer memory that I wasn’t using anymore because I got new RAM that was faster. Rather than just let it sit unused, I decided to sell it. Computer components, even those used, are at a bit of a premium right now, due to the pandemic and smaller supply. Memory isn’t that bad right now but I knew it would probably be popular.

My item got enough bids that it sold at a much higher price than I anticipated. At that higher price, that meant my new memory only cost me $30, which is great. Selling old stuff to offset the cost of new stuff is a timeless way to save money. Shipping my sold item turned out to be a bit of a hassle. eBay makes you use this shipping service called shippo to print out your mailing labels. I had to sign up for an account and then it attempted to contact the Canada Post web site to sign me up for an account on there. Whatever tech they use to talk to each other failed, so I couldn’t get a Canada Post account, which prevented me from printing out a mailing label. It was so frustrating to not be able to print out a simple mailing label with my buyer’s address.

I finally gave up on it, went to the Canada Post web site directly, which wasn’t down, and manually typed in the mailing address info, and created a mailing label there. After that, I just dropped the item off at the post office.

I also have a second item on sale on eBay. This is the old optical disc drive I have. It only has one bid that means it’ll sell for sure. When that auction is over, I’ll have to repeat the same BS with the mailing label as before. Sometimes making money is a hassle.

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