I decided to message the person on eBay who bid and won the latest item I put on auction. I wrote a very polite message in which I said that if he was still interested in the item, he could pay at his earliest convenience. By the time I woke up on Sunday morning, he had wrote an apologetic message and more importantly, he had paid me.

I wrote him back, thanked for the payment, and told him I’d ship his item on Monday. I then packed the item, wrapped it, paid for shipping online, printed the shipping label, and affixed it to the package. While shipping my first sold item was a bit of a nightmare, this time it went very smoothly. This time, the integration with Canada Post worked correctly. Buying shipping and printing the label was pretty much seamless. I’ll drop off the package at the post office tomorrow.

I have more item I’d like to try selling on eBay, which is a DSL modem that I no longer need because I have Internet over fibre now. I have no idea how popular DSL modems are. I tried searching on eBay for the model I’m trying to sell. I didn’t find any listings. That’s probably either really good or really bad. Well, it won’t cost me anything to put up a listing, so I might as well try.

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