Today is the tenth anniversary of the release of Skate 3. It is the most recent game in the Skate series and quite possibly the last, seeing as how there has been a decade between the release and present day.

As with all the games in the series, I remain proud to have worked on Skate 3. For a game that is now ten years old, it is still played quite a bit by our players and it is frequently mentioned in social media. There is a vocal group on said social media that is clamouring for a sequel but I believe some of them are just doing it for attention and wouldn’t actually buy a new game. It would be pretty cool though if we did try to make another one but the development would be fraught with danger. The industry is quite different than it was back in the heady days of 2010.

Alas, it’s better to reflect on the things we able to accomplish and that is making a third game in a beloved series. The team that made all three games remain the best team I’ve ever worked with by a country mile. It was like winning a Stanley Cup in my second year of being in the big show. I lucked out early and big with my dear co-workers.

Ten years! Where did all the time go!

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