It’s time for me to get rid of all the garbage and recycling that has been piling up in my apartment since mid-March. I wrote about this before but I have avoided going down to the garbage and recycling room in my building because it’s a highly trafficked area. Well, I now have three bags of garbage and three large bags of recycling that I need to take care of.

I’ll go downstairs after midnight, when most people are in bed or getting ready for bed. I might be super proactive and make multiple trips in one night to get rid of everything in one go, otherwise I can handle the garbage one night and do the recycling the next night.

The one thing I have to make special mention of is that amount of food composting that I’m creating has increased massively compared to before. Since every meal I have has basically been prepared at home, I have a lot more food scraps to deal with. A few months ago, I bought these compostable food scraps bags to handle all that. My last bag that I put into the communal composter must have weighed at least ten pounds. The bag had more room for more scraps and the only reason that I had to get rid of it was because the bottom was getting soaked through with delicious food scrap liquids. That was probably a month’s worth of food scraps.

It’s time to get this apartment cleaned up again.

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