Traditionally for Mother’s Day I take my Mom and Dad out for dinner. We usually go out to a Chinese restaurant for lobster and some other delicious dishes. My mother enjoys a good meal, so this is the best way for me celebrate that day. We also usually go a week before the actual Mother’s Day. If you’re keeping count, Mother’s Day is next Sunday, so we would have normally gone out for dinner today. It may not come as a surprise to you but we did not go out for dinner today because no restaurants are open in our area for sit-down service.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day during a global pandemic? One could say that we’ll just celebrate once restrictions are lifted enough to allow for people to sit down at restaurants again. For the province of British Columbia, we are tracking to probably allow that before the end of the summer. I feel though, I could probably do something for my mother before that though. Initially, I thought about getting my mother flowers but that’s kinda stupid. Like I mentioned above, my Mom likes a good meal, so getting flowers is nice but food is better.

I think I’ll try to get some food delivered to my parents this week. I’m not talking Skip The Dishes or Uber Eats, I mean some premium meats and/or seafood. Something that will allow them to make a nice meal and also prevents them from having to go out and get more groceries.

I wish I didn’t have to do this. It would be much better if we could just have dinner together again but I understand we all need to do our part. There will be a time when everyone reminisces about that one Mother’s Day where no one could go out for brunch or dinner. I hope that day comes soon.

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