Now that we’ve been working at home for several months, I have made the determination that pretty much all of my co-workers live in homes more beautiful, clean, and well decorated than mine. From the many Zoom calls I’ve been on and pictures from Slack, everyone has a cleaner and more organized home than mine. Not once did I see a home where I thought it was messy or poorly organized.

It’s a good thing I don’t have my camera on when I go on Zoom because all they would see is a massive mess in my apartment. When this is all over, I need to toss out a whole bunch of crap in my place. I’m not sure if I wrote about this but before all of this went down, I was in the process of getting a baseboard heater installed. I had a few quotes and was about to go ahead with it. That was supposed to be step one of a few home improvement projects, culminating in the largest wall in my apartment being painted a different colour. I still want to do all of this, just need things to get to the new normal.

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