So, as some of you might recall, I encountered computer problems almost exactly the same time as when I started working from home and when governments at all levels were urging residents to stay inside. Specifically, Windows 10 would not start on my desktop computer. I use this computer for work, since it can be hooked up to two monitors. This is also my gaming machine. While I love using my laptop for general use, my desktop does all the heavy lifting in terms of work and gaming.

Over the last month or so, I have tried fixing this problem to no avail. Approximately once in every thirty times or so that I start my computer, Windows will miraculously start. It’s a very time-consuming process and I can’t figure out what I’m doing differently between attempts that eventually gets Windows to start. I’ve resorted to letting Windows sleep rather than completing shutting it down. This is a stop-gap measure however because eventually I will need to reboot my computer again.

Since I’ve exhausted all my resources on how to fix this, I am, for the first time in my life, considering bringing in my computer to a shop somewhere that can hopefully help me diagnose what’s wrong. There are a few things though make this a bit more difficult than it might seem. First, I don’t know who I could bring my computer to. Geek Squad at Best Buy? Are they any good? Would they know how to diagnose a problem like this? Or maybe a local shop like Memory Express or Canada Computers would be better. I’m leaning towards the more local shops as they seem to serve the more enthusiast crowd. Second, we’re living in difficult times now. I think it’s still possible to drop off computers for repairs but both the customer and the shop both need to follow safe practices. Are they gonna need to sanitize all the parts in my computer? I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted to. Lastly, having my computer gone for an indeterminate amount of time makes it difficult for me to work at home. I could use my laptop and hook up a second monitor to it but its screen is small and not ideal as part of a two-monitor setup. I suppose I could survive for a week working like that.

Perhaps I could wait until all this blows over but who knows when that will be!

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