I’m running low on groceries, so for dinner, I decided to get some Boston Pizza. It’s not the greatest food in the world but it’s close by and they offer 15% off take-out orders. Also, if I may be honest, any food that I get to consume that I don’t have to make or prepare is a winner in my books.

I got a garden salad, medium meat-filled pizza, and a baked pasta jammed with spaghetti, cheese, and sausage. Even with the garden salad, it wasn’t even close to being a healthy meal and I did not mind one bit. I believe this might have been only the third meal I’ve had since the middle of March that I did not prepare myself. It was the first good pizza I’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic. After forcing myself to be an adult and eating the salad first, I then proceeded to eat almost half the medium pizza. I was stuffed but then decided I want a bit of pasta before tapping out. It was easily the largest single meal I’ve eat in a month and a half. It’s been almost seven hours since dinner and I still feel full.

As soon as I finished the meal, I felt super tired and lethargic. It’s almost as if my body is draining energy from me to digest this meal. It’s very true that during this pandemic, my meals have become smaller in portions. I eat enough to fulfill my nutritional requirements and not a whole lot beyond that. Tonight’s meal was more akin to a meal in the “before times”, where it was much easiest to just gorge yourself because the world was a lot different.

While I still have leftover pizza and pasta, I think I’ll be eating these in much more reasonable quantities going forward.

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