For about two years now, there has been only one heater in my entire apartment, the one in my bedroom. I had my electric fireplace removed from my living room, which was awesome, but was also the only source of heat for that room and the kitchen. While the plan was to eventually get a new baseboard heater installed in a new location, I admit that I am lazy and a great procrastinator. I was also not missing having a heater since turning the thing on would just burn money. When it got really cold, I’d just turn the heat on in my bedroom, close all the doors, and cocoon.

Alas, it’s time to stop procrastinating. Earlier this week, I got in touch with two electricians for a quote to get a new baseboard heater installed. It’s time to make this happen. Now, I recognize that getting a quote and actually getting the damn work done are two entirely different things but I’m motivated to see this thing through. Let’s go!

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