The knew from the second I woke up that today was not going to be a good day for a lot of people. It was very quiet when I woke up, that quiet that can only happen when a thick layer of snow on the ground absorbs all the sound. Through the slits in my blinds all I could see was white. It had snowed a lot overnight.

Roads, sidewalks, buses, cars, and trains were a mess all day, especially in the morning. My co-workers stayed at home and worked from there. Some brave, possibly foolish people tried to actually get to work. Some of them had their commutes tripled in time. Some had their cars get stuck along the way. The cafeteria closed early because barely any people were there and it didn’t make sense for all the staff to stick around for a hellish commute home. Eventually everyone at the studio got sent home early because it started to snow again in the late afternoon.

There is a potential for a small snowfall overnight but nothing like last night. It’s already much warmer now than 24 hour ago. It’s hovering around freezing now, which seems balmy compared to the -14 windchill of yesterday. I am preparing to go to work tomorrow.

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