I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful, and joyous holidays. I’ve been off from work almost two weeks now and it’s been great. I’ve mainly tried to get as much sleep as possible, clean up around my apartment, see friends and family, play video games, and just generally relax. I know many of you will return to work tomorrow but I won’t go back until Monday. For the first time in my working life, I’ve decided to take a few extra days off at the tail end of the holidays, after the new year begins. I also have Thursday and Friday off now, which I am very thankful for.

It’s difficult to believe we’re in a new decade now. My brain continues to believe that 2010 was, at most, two years ago. We just had the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, isn’t that right? Alas, almost a decade has passed since then. I have definitely gotten older since then but I’m not sure if I got any wiser. I’m not sure what this new decade will bring for myself and in the world in general. Part of me is pessimistic for what lies ahead for the world. All I know for sure is that time will continue to fly along.

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