There’s a new Star Wars movie coming out on Friday and if you care about spoilers and can’t see it right away, you best stay off the Internet until you do. While I believe the quality of the last two movies is far belong the original trilogy and even the prequels, I plan on seeing this new one, just to finish off the whole thing. Even though my expectations are rock bottom, I still don’t want to be spoiled by anything, so I am staying away from most of the Internet until Monday, when I have my tickets for a showing.


This is the last real week of work before the holidays and I am eager to have some time off. I know I was just on vacation recently, but after joining a new team, there’s bit a lot of adjusting, reading, and getting up to speed that I’ve done in the last two weeks. There’s still lots to learn and I’m far from feeling comfortable right now, so the holiday break will help give me a bit of a breather to relax and rest up.

I hope this week isn’t too jam packed with stuff to do.


Microsoft announced today that the new Xbox console will be named “Xbox Series X”. To be released in the holiday season of 2020, the new console was revealed to be in a new and interesting shape, a monolith of sorts. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally, as stated by Microsoft.

I’m not entirely sold on the naming convention though. They went from Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and now Xbox Series X. The fact that they called it a “series” might reinforce the rumour that the next Xbox console will actually be several new models, not just one as has been the case in previous launches. So, it’s possible that instead of waiting a few years to launch a console refresh, as with the Xbox One X (these names, seriously), the new models will be available immediately.

One could argue that it’s a lot more simpler to just go the PlayStation route and have their next console named the PlayStation 5. You just add another number and there you go. Interesting times ahead for the gaming world.


Despite my very real fears that there would be no SkyTrain service today, a deal was brokered this morning at 5am. I woke up and heard the faint sounds of a train in the distance. That was my first indication that the trains would be running. Because the deal was reached in the eleventh hour, service was actually delayed from it’s normal start up time. By my calculations, service started at least an hour later than usual. It’s quite possible for some people that rely on the first set of trains in the morning, they were late for wherever they needed to be. Of course, by the time I left for work, it was business as usual.

I wonder how many years there will be labour peace for the last two unions before this stuff rears its head again?