I’ve gone over a week without a hot water dispenser and I gotta be honest, during that time, I’m less hydrated than before. There have been some nights where I’ll wake up and I’ll be super parched, thirsty as hell. Without the dispenser, I drink less water. I know it sounds ridiculous since I have a kitchen sink with a fully-functional tap but I rarely just drink tap water since it’s not warm. To cope, I’ve been boiling water in a small saucepan but it gets cold and I gotta reboil the water after I drink some. I guess I just get lazy and I don’t bother reboiling it, which leads me to drink less water. I’m just accustomed to drinking warm water on demand for so many years now.

Well, I shall be parched no longer as my new hot water dispenser should be arriving either tomorrow or the day after. I shall be parched no more.

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