In my last post, I wrote about how I’m moving desks, two floors down, at work. My whole team is moving with me from the fourth to the second floor. There are a few pros and cons of the move. We have a patio on the fourth floor and it was nice having one close by in the summer time. The second floor doesn’t have a patio. Being on the second floor, does make it easier to get to my desk and to leave work. Being four floors up, I used to take the elevator up and down a lot. On the second floor, there’s really no reason not to take stairs.

The cubicles we’re moving to on the second floor are not the same as the ones on the fourth. They have all been converted to sit stand desks. This means it’s easy to configure the desk for standing as well as sitting. Sitting all day at a desk is bad for your health, so many office workers are now standing for portions of their day.

I’ve never had such a desk before, so it’s gonna be weird to be standing while working. I think it’ll take some getting used to but in the long run, it should be better for me. I’m not sure how it’ll work with all the wires I have on my desk. With my keyboard, mouse, two monitors, TV, two Playstation 4 dev kits, and an Xbox One dev kit all on my desk, there are gonna be lots of wires that will have to move with the desk. I’m guessing you want to minimize the amount of wires that stay stationary and are anchored to a non-moving surface. It’ll be interesting unpacking everything tomorrow.

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