My first officially sanctioned “work from home” Monday was wonderful. I got about 30 minutes more sleep than usual but was actually logged into my work computer and working about ten minutes earlier than if I had to commute to the studio.

It rained like a monsoon outside today but that had no bearing on my work day because I didn’t have brave the elements with all those other commuters. I stayed in warm and dry in my PJs all day.

Now you might find this hard to believe but I actually got a lot of work done today. My new desk is in a tightly packed cubicle farm and I can usually hear about four different conversations around me at any given time. At home, there’s no need for headphones because it’s just me.

I wrote this before but I’ll write it again, there’s no need for me to physically be in the studio for my current assignment. So when I go into work tomorrow, it’s mainly to appease managers who get kinda nervous when their workers work remote 100% of the time.

In a few weeks, I may float a suggestion that I work two days a week at home. Before that though, I need to back it up with results. I need to show them I’m making progress with what I’m doing. Let’s see how it goes.

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