Today the company that runs food services at work announced they are raising prices 7% across the board, starting on Monday. The reason for the increase, according to the company, is due to inflation. This is the second increase since this company has taken over, which happened about two years ago.

I have not hesitated to state that the quality of the food in the cafeteria has been substandard since this new company started serving us. I’ve mentioned this in numerous surveys and informally to other co-workers. Prices go up but the quality has stayed low.

Many people now bring lunches to work. In the past, I have not done this because I find it inconvenient to heat up food at work. Microwaves are available but I’m not a big fan of how microwaves heat food. They tend to dry out your food and the heating is uneven. When at home, I use a toaster oven to heat up leftovers about 99% of the time.

In response to the price increase announcement, I made a query to facilities about bringing in a toaster oven to the coffee station area on my floor. I was told that I could do so. My plan is to bring the toaster oven I currently have at home to work. I’ll then buy a new, fancier toaster oven for home.

I may not bring my lunch every single day but I’ll be happy to bring it once a week to start perhaps. The less I patronize and spend my money at the cafeteria, the better it’ll be.

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