A few months ago, I wrote about an experiment where I gave up applying baby powder to my body after showering. As you might recall, I used to apply talc or baby powder to arm pits, my boys, and to my butt crack. It kept those areas dry and fresh-smelling.

I stopped doing that because it made a mess in my bathroom and because I was concerned about the long-term safety of having talc and baby powder dust in the air and on my sensitive body regions.

It wasn’t an ordeal giving up the practice during the winter but I did wonder how it would affect me during the summer, when temperatures are higher, where having a fresh sprinkling of talc would be more useful. Well, the summer is almost over and I haven’t missed the talc. Now, I must admit, this has been the most mild summer I’ve experienced in years. There were no long stretches of hot and sunny weather. At best, there would be a single day of warm temperatures, and the next day would cool down considerably. I don’t think a lot of high temperature records were in danger of being broken this summer.

Even with the mild summer though, I think it’s time to determine the results of the experiment. I will not be going back to the talc life. I didn’t really miss it and it sure made cleaning up my bathroom way easier. I don’t miss having to wipe up caked up layers of fine talc all over my bathroom surfaces.

Onto the next experiment!

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  1. Johnson Johnson insists its baby powder is safe. But company documents show executives worried for decades about the possible presence of cancer-causing asbestos in talc used to make one of Johnson Johnson’s signature products.

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