Even though we’re still quite busy at work, many of my co-workers are on vacation. I get it, it’s summer, kids are about to go back to school, it’s almost fall, it’s a great time to be away. Unfortunately, because I didn’t take vacation or time off this month, it means that I have to handle some of the work that would have gone to those away. I also have to attempt to answer any questions that would have been easily answered by other people but since I’m a bit of a moron, I don’t know the answer to.

This actually happened twice today. One guy said he would have normally asked some dude on vacation but his choices were limited, so he was forced to ask me. I couldn’t really answer his question, but I did try and rather than let me continue to ramble on, he just left to talk to someone else. He was probably right to do that. Then another person came to me with a question that he didn’t want to ask me but was forced to, due to a shortage of engineers. I think I answered his question to some satisfaction.

I can’t wait for everyone to be back at work.

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