The game I’m working on is final approach and we’re trying to get it out the door in the next few months. This means we’re in bug fixing mode, trying to fix everything that a mouth-breathing gamer might complain about on the Internet in between handfuls of Cheetos and swigs of Mountain Dew.

Today, I got down to one bug assigned to me; just one. That’s great and all but it really means nothing. I’m part of a team and what really matters is if everyone is down to one bug, which unfortunately isn’t the case. Someone will notice pretty soon that I won’t have anything to work on and when that happens, they’ll start assigning me bugs from other people’s bins to me. For most of them, I won’t have a clue about how to fix those. I’ll either flail around and someone will eventually take those bugs away from me or I’ll come up with some hack job fix that will just introduce more bugs into the game.

We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll just get a ton of bugs tomorrow that are actually for me to fix anyways.

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