A friend of mine just bought a used car on the weekend. I knew he was intending to another car as his old one was having lots of problems. I know he had done a bit of research of which models interested him and were good buys as a used car. I also knew that he did not have a particular vehicle in mind to purchase when he entered the weekend. That is, he saw the vehicle he bought for the first time on the weekend.

He saw it, test drove it, and bought it, all within 48 hours. Crazy. Maybe I’m thinking about it too much but I’m not sure I could lay down that much money for something I just saw that weekend. Sure, if it was a slam dunk, no-brainer good deal but how often does that happen?

I wish I could have the audacity and financial freedom to just go out and buy a car in a single weekend but I’m afraid of getting a lemon that will turn into a money sink.

I can’t wait to get a ride in my friend’s new vehicle though!

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