In a previous post, I detailed this new diet where I don’t really restrict what I eat, I just stop eating many hours before I go to bed. So far, I tend to stop eating around 8pm and I don’t get to bed before 1am. Today, I had a bowl of ramen at around 7pm and I had some gummy candies at 8pm. It’s past 1am now and I’m starving. If someone gave me a cheeseburger right now, it’d be gone in ten seconds.

On most nights, I go to bed hungry because my body just needs food on a more regular basis than this. I can’t, however, argue with the results. I weighed myself tonight and I’m at 162 lbs. That may seem heavy but three weeks ago, I was almost 168 lbs. I haven’t been at 162 in a long, long time.

I think I need to eat more before I stop eating for the evening. It would just make things a bit more comfortable before I go to bed.

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