It appears that I might need to get a different vehicle to drive in the next twelve months or so. I currently drive a 1994 Honda Accord with about 250,000 km on it. It just got back from the shop where I spent $1,500 on some necessary repairs that were all safety-oriented. Indeed, when I got the car back, the steering felt much more tighter and responsive. It felt kinda mushy before. The mechanic I spoke to said he could have done a ton of more repairs, which the car needs but he agreed to only take on the most pressing concerns, the ones that would keep the car safe to drive for another year or so.

I believe it’s time to get another vehicle and not continue to dump money into a car that has served my family and myself very well. Unfortunately, I loathe the task ahead of me. I have never bought a car before and I do not look forward to it. I am almost certain I will not buy a new car. It’s just not economically smart. The vehicle loses so much value the second it leaves the lot. A used vehicle makes more sense but traversing the market for used vehicles can be a minefield. No one wants to get a lemon for a used car. There are certified pre-owned programs but the savings there are less, because you’re paying for the peace of mind.

I gotta spend the next couple of months trying to figure out what to buy and how to buy it.

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