There’s two Starbucks and a frozen yogurt place within half a block of where I live. On a semi-regular basis, I’ve seen the following scenario. Two young men, smartly dressed, sorta business casual, talking to an individual. They have a set of papers in front of them, sometimes a laptop. The two men are always explaining something to the individual. Most times the individual is much more casually dressed compared to the dudes.

It always seems like it’s the young men who are doing the talking or explaining. It appears to me there are trying to convince the singular person of something. I never get quite close enough to hear what is being said.

It seems shady to me and part of me thinks they are trying to take advantage of the person they are talking to. It’s a double-team and it sorta looks like pyramid scheme setup. Why not meet in a real office? Why are these people choosing to meet in public coffee shops?

Real businesses usually have real offices. The next time I see these types of people, I’m going to linger longer and closer and try to find out what’s going on.

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