Have you seen the classic comedy film Zoolander before? Of course you have, that’s where everyone learned to breakdance fight. Anyways, there’s also a scene where some ridiculously good-looking male models go get orange-mocha frapps from Starbucks. Such an offering doesn’t actually exist at Starbucks but YouTube celebrity chef Andrew Rea attempts to make it in the above video.


There’s two Starbucks and a frozen yogurt place within half a block of where I live. On a semi-regular basis, I’ve seen the following scenario. Two young men, smartly dressed, sorta business casual, talking to an individual. They have a set of papers in front of them, sometimes a laptop. The two men are always explaining something to the individual. Most times the individual is much more casually dressed compared to the dudes.

It always seems like it’s the young men who are doing the talking or explaining. It appears to me there are trying to convince the singular person of something. I never get quite close enough to hear what is being said.

It seems shady to me and part of me thinks they are trying to take advantage of the person they are talking to. It’s a double-team and it sorta looks like pyramid scheme setup. Why not meet in a real office? Why are these people choosing to meet in public coffee shops?

Real businesses usually have real offices. The next time I see these types of people, I’m going to linger longer and closer and try to find out what’s going on.


I didn’t realize this but CTV has a library of movies available for streaming, all for free. Some of the selections are quite recent but a large majority of them are in the range of 20 to 25 years old. Just looking at some of the titles takes me back to a time when I was just a young man, full of optimism for the world.

Some of the movies have some sorta expiry date on them. I’m not sure what licensing rules are in place that force such a thing. Anyways, make sure you catch “Iron Man” before it leaves the library.


I just received my property tax notice in the mail today. This is the highest amount I’ve been assessed since I bought my apartment. The jump from last year is about $250, a significant amount. There must be some correlation with my property assessment being the highest on record as well.

This is just another cost of being a homeowner. I hope some day I get to reap the rewards of selling it for a profit.


I napped on my couch for like the first time in like years this evening. I’m not exactly sure why I chose the couch to nap. I think it was because the sun was setting and there was a beautiful sunset to see. I just wanted to witness it as I drifted off to sleep.

It was actually quite pleasant. I propped up two pillows and had some nice back support. I had a light blanket on me and it was a pleasant way to just catch about twenty minutes of rest.

I gotta get more sleep at night.


For almost two weeks, including weekends, I’ve been doing a deep cleaning or organizing of my closets and other parts of my apartment. I’ve been doing that while juggling a busy work schedule where I work late on some nights.

I spent two out of the three days of this long weekend, finishing up the clean. I threw out or recycling a ton of stuff, including old clothes, papers, junk, plastic, and other useless household items. The stuff I did keep went into boxes and plastic tubs.

The sad thing is I still could continue cleaning. I didn’t touch my bathroom and didn’t even go into my kitchen cabinets, which I know contains old dry goods and other items that need to be thrown out or composted.

I could start again next weekend but I think I’ll take some time off to just enjoy a whole weekend without doing any manual labour.


I pooped three times at work today. I’m not sure what happened but for the last two times, I was under some gastrointestinal distress. It doesn’t take much to set me off, as I have a pretty sensitive gastrointestinal system, so it could have been anything. Was it the scrambled eggs for breakfast? Perhaps, something in lunch, which consisted of ribs, corn on the cob, and roast potatoes. Was it the cup of coffee I had after lunch.

Whatever it was, it led to some interesting times in the employee washrooms. As bad as it was to experience this, I feel lucky that every single time I had to go, I found an empty stall to do my business. Also, everything seemed to be fine after my third poop.

Alright, I know this is the type of content you come for on a daily basis. Thanks for reading!


For whatever reason, the whole executive team and the board of directors at the company I work at are meeting in Vancouver this week to conduct whatever business important and well-compensated people do when they meet. Logistically, all of this would have been much easier to do in San Francisco where all of the executive team lives and probably most of the board lives.

Well, it’s probably nice for them to get out and see some of the other locations in the company. I feel sorry for them if they have to eat any of the food served by the cafeteria. It’s awful and I sincerely hope they got outside catering to supply their breakfast, lunch, and snacks. On the other hand, if the CEO of the company realize how bad the food is, maybe he can do something about it for us!