Someone who contracted measles used public transportation last Wednesday while they were contagious. Unfortunately, I was travelling on the same mode of transportation as they were, in the time window that authorities have mentioned.

The chances of me being exposed are unknown. I do know, however, I tend to have really bad luck. Murphy’s Law has applied to me in the past, even when the odds were seemingly tiny for something to go wrong but they did anyways. I’ll know in about two weeks or so if I’ll get sick. I could just quarantine myself just to be sure but would that be necessary?

What I do know is that anti-vaxxers are the scourge of this planet. They represent the worst of the most ignorant parts of humanity. They are dangerous and set us back as a species and as a civilization. When we should be reaching towards new heights of enlightenment as a society, we are being dragged down by the ignorance of those who can’t and won’t learn.

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