Yesterday, I weighed myself for the first time in about three months, the first time definitely for 2019. My feeling was that I wasn’t exactly thin but I wasn’t going to be fat either. It turns out, I was basically right. The scale read 164 lbs, which may seem heavy and tubby to you but that’s sorta alright for me. It would have been wonderful if I was ten pounds lighter than that but that wouldn’t have been realistic.

Because of the cold weather and general laziness, I haven’t had too much exercise since the new year. For me to be not over 170 lbs, is probably because of my diet alone. I eat a reasonable lunch of a sandwich and salad five times a week. Most night, I also have a reasonable dinner.

If I was eating nothing but carbs all day, I bet I’d be in worse shape now. As the weather becomes better, I’ll start to exercise more and my weight should start to go down from there.

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