So I discovered an interesting perk that one of the teams at work is currently rolling out. They are formalizing a “work from home” strategy for every member of this team. The general gist of it is that each member of the team is allowed to work from home one day at week, the day of which is their choice.

At least in the Vancouver studio, EA doesn’t have a formal “work from home” policy. It’s usually done ad-hoc, like if you need to stay at home during the odd day because a plumber needs to come fix your kitchen sink. I’ve done this a few times over the years but it’s rare. To roll this new policy out for an entire team, is an amazing change.

I imagine this will be sorta of a pilot program as other teams see how well it works. I think it’s quite possible to be successful, as long as it’s done smartly. Sometimes you’ll just need to be at work for a meeting or something like that. Overall though, I think it won’t affect productivity at all.

I can’t imagine how much better it would be if I could work from home one day a week, every week!

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