I spent most of the day at SIGGRAPH 2018 looking at the exhibitors and talking to some nice people. I managed to grab a good haul of swag which I will detail tomorrow. It was a good day. I even got socks, that’s how great it was.


I’ll be attending SIGGRAPH 2018 tomorrow. It’ll be my third SIGGRAPH and coincidentally, every one I’ve been to has been hosted in Vancouver. Having SIGGRAPH in Vancouver is an incredible honour and opportunity for the city. The main SIGGRAPH conference has only been hosted three times outside the United States, each time Vancouver has been given the privilege.

I’m excited to see some cool stuff and get some swag tomorrow.


We’re in the middle of another heat wave in the greater Vancouver area. The forecast, however, is for clouds and possible showers on both days of the weekend. While the cooler temperatures might be welcome, it’s pretty typical luck that it’ll be cloudy just for the two days of the weekend and it’ll go back to being sunny next week.


It’s 27 degrees Celsius in my bedroom and I’m about to try to get some sleep. It’s gonna be a long and hot night, not in a good way either.


I have now pooped on my new toilet seat. I noticed that the hole in the seat is much bigger than my previous seat. It is, however, almost the same size still, which means there is less material for my ass to sit on. It’s not uncomfortable, just different. I imagine if I were fatter (yes, that’s still possible) it would be less comfy for sure. I wonder why the hole needs to be so big. Are poops getting bigger now?

Anyways, so far so good.


On this long weekend, I installed a new toilet seat, making it the most significant upgrade to my bathroom since I got a new toilet brush. The impetus behind the new toilet seat is the soft close feature. Before it was only available to high end homes but now you can buy one of these for less than twenty dollars at Wal-mart.

No more smashing the seat down by accident when you go to put it down. Just set it on its way and it’ll do the rest by itself. Exciting!


I almost bought a laptop today. I know that just weeks previously, I wrote that I discovered I didn’t really need a laptop but I actually needed a new tablet instead. Since then, I did buy a really awesome tablet for a great price. It has been something I’ve been using frequently and has found purpose in my life. So, why did I almost buy a laptop today? It’s on sale and the deal is impressive.

This Dell laptop is marked down to $649 from $1079, a savings of $430. It has an Intel Core i5 8th generation CPU, 8Gb of RAM, 1 Tb HDD, is touch enabled, and a full HD 1080 display. It also has a 360 hinge, so you can display it in any angle you wish. All of this in a 13″ form factor. I’ve been doing my laptop research and this is an incredible deal.

Unfortunately, I have no real nor critical need for a new laptop. My current laptop is old and slow but it does work, eventually. I don’t use it much but is that because I find it so old and unusable? Would I use a laptop more if it were actually fast and reliable? Maybe I’m just manufacturing reasons to buy a new laptop. It’s such a great deal though!


In the last 48 hours I’ve received two interesting pieces of mail. Yesterday, I got a letter from one of my credit card providers stating they’ll be clawing back the cash back reward percentage from 1% to 0.5%. I don’t expect you to do the math but that will halve the amount of cash I get back from using that card.

Today, I opened my mailbox to find that my mortgage is going up because of the recent interest rate hike from the Bank of Canada. This was not unexpected as the rate hike happened a few weeks ago. It still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be paying more per month to keep my home.

So, in short, I’ll be earning less and paying more. Isn’t that the case with the majority of the world now?