I almost bought a laptop today. I know that just weeks previously, I wrote that I discovered I didn’t really need a laptop but I actually needed a new tablet instead. Since then, I did buy a really awesome tablet for a great price. It has been something I’ve been using frequently and has found purpose in my life. So, why did I almost buy a laptop today? It’s on sale and the deal is impressive.

This Dell laptop is marked down to $649 from $1079, a savings of $430. It has an Intel Core i5 8th generation CPU, 8Gb of RAM, 1 Tb HDD, is touch enabled, and a full HD 1080 display. It also has a 360 hinge, so you can display it in any angle you wish. All of this in a 13″ form factor. I’ve been doing my laptop research and this is an incredible deal.

Unfortunately, I have no real nor critical need for a new laptop. My current laptop is old and slow but it does work, eventually. I don’t use it much but is that because I find it so old and unusable? Would I use a laptop more if it were actually fast and reliable? Maybe I’m just manufacturing reasons to buy a new laptop. It’s such a great deal though!

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