I play table shuffleboard at work with a co-worker. We play pretty much everyday around 3pm. It’s a break in the day that I look forward to all the time. The table itself is company property. If you’ve played shuffleboard before, you know that a well-maintained table is key to having a good experience. Part of the maintenance involves have a generous amount of “wax” on the table at all times. The wax looks like tiny beads of sand or cheese. They help the pucks slide much easier against the surface of the table. Without the wax, pucks would come to an abrupt stop as the friction would halt the motion quicker. With a fully waxed table, pucks slide and slow down as if they were on ice, which makes for a more fun (and possibly challenging) experience.

Unfortunately, the table is sometimes overlooked in regards to maintenance. The wax eventually gets pushed off the table, leaving gaps and “dry” spots on the surface. It makes for an unpredictable playing surface. To that end, my co-worker and I have discussed buying our own can of wax so we can set the table as we wish. After weeks of discussing it, I finally caved and bought a can on Amazon. It arrives on Friday and we are beyond excited to try it out. No more dead spots when we play!

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