I’ve been dealing with a gastrointestinal issue since last Friday. I got the case of the poops on Friday. I pooped three times at work because I wasn’t feeling too well. I felt somewhat better on Friday evening but I started to get some cramps in my lower abdomen.

Now normally when I get cramps in that area, it leads to poops, sometimes in an explosive manner. This time, however, it was just cramps or just discomfort in that area. It wasn’t followed by any urge to poop. I also developed a bit of a fever of sorts. Sometimes I’d just get sweaty hot.

Throughout the weekend, I’d get the random cramp and then sometimes I’d get hot. The regularity and nature of my poops remained normal though. It was odd.

The cramps sorta let up this evening, so I’m hoping whatever I had is now on its way out of me, so to speak. Not sure what it was and let’s hope it doesn’t come back.

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