I’m cat sitting for a friend again. I cat sat for him a few months ago in the fall and this is the same cat. This cat was probably feral at one point or lived on the streets without an owner. It’s since been “domesticated” but it’s one of the most guarded cats I’ve ever met. It’s not aggressive or hostile but in the past, it’s definitely been aloof or a bit skittish around me.

This evening, I went to feed it for the first of three days. It meowed loudly when I opened the door, it was expecting my friend, his owner instead of me. Since my friend left on his business trip, the cat was probably missing him quite a bit. I’m sure it was confused initially that I stepped inside the door. After I gave him fresh water and refilled his food bowls, I think he started to recognize me from before. Previously, he never let me close to him at all but today, he was brave enough to come right up to my legs and rub his head against me. When I was messing with some window blinds, he darted over to see what I was doing. I was within petting distance, so I decided to give it a try. I cautiously gave him some head rubs and he let me! I also ran my hand down his back without any complaints. This was the first time he ever let me touch him, so I see this as progress.

He also was comfortable enough to take a massive dump in his kitty litter box while I was there. It was at this time I noticed he would scratch at the plastic sides of the box after he was done pooping. Cats instinctively try to cover their poop with litter or dirt but he was just scratching the plastic, which did nothing. He eventually did scratch at the litter and covered his giant turds but the plastic scratching must be just a reflex action and I wonder if he’s even aware of what he’s doing there.

Anyways, I have two more feedings with the guy. I wonder what other adventures we’ll get into.

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