Last year, company management at work decided to go with another food services provider to run the studio cafeteria. The previous company was ok but not great and they definitely had some areas to improve in. The news that another company was coming to make the cafeteria better was well received by many of my fellow employees.

It’s been three months now since Restaurant Associates started running the cafeteria. I would say they’ve done a worse job than the previous company. The Slack channel for the studio was filled with complaints about the cafeteria for several long weeks. For days and days, it was the main topic as everyone seemed to be disappointed with the food.

The general consensus, which I agree with, is that the food quality is lower now, you get less food, the prices are higher, and you have to wait much longer to pay for your food (the cashier lines are ridiculously long now).

Today, a survey was sent out to all studio employees regarding the satisfaction level with the new food services provider. I couldn’t wait to fill out the survey. I was polite but firm and clear with what I thought was wrong with the cafeteria now. If I’m reading the feelings of many other employees correctly, I would say there will much more negative sentiment than there will be positive.

I’m eager to see what changes will occur because of the employee feedback. I’m hoping it’s extensive because it needs to be!

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