Today I learned than an Airbus company named Stelia Aerospace was formed in January of 2015 from a merger of two other companies: Aerolia and Sogerma. Just try saying Aerolia aloud to yourself. Say it a few times. Huh. Ok, enough of me being childish.


On Friday, it began snowy heavily right after the workday started. It didn’t take long for the snow to stick and accumulate on the ground. By 11am, we were told we could go home if the snow was going to cause problems. Some people started leaving immediately. Other had listened to the forecast the night before and didn’t even come in, deciding to work from home. Those were smart people.

I looked at the real-time info for the bus route that I use and it didn’t seem all that bad, so I decided I’d leave after lunch. I had work to get done, plus if it was going to be a bad commute, I might as well get fed first. I left sometime after 2pm and the studio floor was pretty empty by then. Other than trying to walk through nearly 10 cm of snow, my commute home was pretty normal. I got home around 3pm, took a nap, and then logged on to do some more work.

I’m really glad I got home when I did, because it continued to snow the entire time. Later in the day, it looked like blizzard conditions out there, just a massive wall of white snow coming down. It ended up feeling like a bit of a long weekend since no one stuck around for the full Friday. Anyways, that’s how I ended the week.


I’m not sure how this week went by so quickly but at the same time, I don’t think I got a whole lot done. I’m tired, my skin is all dry, I’m ready for the weekend. I just need to have a super productive Friday.


I felt like passing out from low blood sugar after work today. Here’s what I ate today before dinner: scrambled eggs for breakfast, a cup of chili and a salad bowl for lunch. The salad had a tiny bit of chicken, a dollop of quac, salsa, corn, and spinach. I was ravenous as dinner time approached.

For dinner, I tried to be smart and got sushi. Eating healthy sure gets you all angry and craving delicious and unhealthy things.


I didn’t eat enough for dinner tonight (I wasn’t very good at adulting today) and now that it’s time to go to bed, I’m hungry again. Normally, I’d just eat something and go to sleep but I’m totally out of convenient to eat foods. Anything I’d want to eat would involve either defrosting or opening up cans and stuff. These are first-world problems.


As we approached the end of February, I naively thought we were moving away from the winter weather. Alas, I was wrong. It snowed this weekend in the greater Vancouver area, with accumulations of about 5cm. Tonight, the lows will reach -7 degrees Celsius. That is frigid for Vancouver.

I had to turn the heat on again tonight and I don’t think I’ve done that since December. The air also got super dry again. Of course, I had already packed away my humidifier, thinking it would many months until I’d need again. I brought it back out, filled it with water, and now it’s misting my bedroom once more.

It won’t snow in March, will it?


Conan is in Italy right now, filming one of his travel specials. He brought with him Jordan Schlansky, which is perfect since Jordan has ordained himself as an honourary Italian many years ago. Visiting Italy with Jordan is something that fans have wanted Conan to do for years and he’s finally done it! The clip above is just a few Instagram stories but the actual show will probably air in a few weeks!


Someone I went to dinner with yesterday told me they’ve got flu-like symptoms this evening. They spent most of the evening under a stack of blankets, heat on, and they were still shivering cold. Suffice to say, my friend ain’t feeling too good right now. This might explain why my chest was kinda sore all day. It felt like I’d been bench pressing 300 pounds the day before, but of course, I’m not capable of such things.

Did my friend and I both touch something at dinner that had the flu virus on it? Maybe the chef or cook sneezed on both our meals. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

P.S. Follow up to my last post, there wasn’t enough snow on the ground this morning for it to be a snow day unfortunately. I had to go to work. 🙁