One of my co-workers is going to one of our studios in Edmonton to look at some systems that might have use in our Vancouver studio. We have a problem we need to solve and hopefully the Edmonton dudes have already solved it. My co-worker left this evening and I remembered it was bitterly cold everywhere but basically Vancouver very recently. I checked the forecast and he kinda lucked out. There’s currently a freezing rain warning for Edmonton but the low for tomorrow is -3, which isn’t too bad for Edmonton. He’s only going to be there for two days and the low on his last day will be just -1. Had he gone next week, he would have experienced lows of -16.

If only our Orlando, Florida studio had made these new systems instead.

3 thoughts on “NORTH”

  1. Any insight on what the Geneva team focuses on? Switzerland seems like a very expensive place to set up shop.

  2. We don’t do any actual development out of Geneva, so it’s probably just a sales and distribution location. The likelihood of them sending me out there is pretty low unfortunately!

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