For the last two years I’ve avoided any mention, story, detail, even single words that might have anything to do with the latest Star Wars movie. I just don’t want to encounter any spoilers and when I do actually see the movie for the first time, I want it to be most the fresh experience. I don’t want to know what is going to happen before I see or hear it.

The task was easy early on as the last crappy movie from JJ Abrams faded from people’s memory. It became more difficult though as the new movie started production and the hype started. It got exponentially more difficult once the trailers started showing up. I’ve avoiding them all so far but I ran into a bit of a problem on Sunday night. I was watching the latest Thor movie when the last Star Wars trailer played. I could do nothing but look down at my popcorn and tried to not to listen to anything. I was somewhat successful as I didn’t see any of the images and spaced out enough to not know who was talking most of the time.

The most dangerous time now approaches however. The movie comes out this Friday. There are already people on this planet who have seen it through advance screenings. With social media being ubiquitous these days, the risk of the story being spoiled is great. I feel like on Friday and until I see the movie, it’s best that I avoid all social media and as much as the Internet as I can.

May the Force be with me.

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