I went to a work related holiday party last Thursday. It was exactly one year to the day from the last party. This party was just for my team and another team, since we’re both in the same business unit. It was at a bar downtown. There were lots of raffle prizes, cheese, and at least for me, enough drink tickets that I didn’t have to pay for my alcohol.

A few people probably drank a little too much but that’s ok since it seemed like everyone made it to work the next day (even if they didn’t feel all that great). Someone who I won’t name took a taxi home, felt hungry, opened a package of baby carrots and a tub of ranch dip, then decided it was a good idea to bring all of that to their bed. As soon as they laid down they feel asleep and this person woke up to ranch dip everywhere, on their sheets, blanket, clothes, face, and beard. Gross.

I didn’t even have all that much to drink but I did feel quite tired the next day. I got to work about an hour later than usual. All in all, I had a good time and didn’t embarrass myself.

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