Last week I was in the cafeteria at work to get my lunch. I passed by some dude with a visitor sticker on his shirt. We get a lot of visitors at work so seeing guests at lunch is fairly common. Visitor dude was with his host, someone at work who I don’t know. Anyways, as I pass by visitor dude, I hear him say, “hey, I know you from somewhere”. I wasn’t sure he was talking to me, so I turned to him and asked if he was talking to me (not Taxi Driver style).

He said yes, in fact, he was talking to me. So now this is where it gets awkward. I didn’t recognize this guy at all. So we just stood there wordless. I looked at his visitor sticker which had his name. I read his name aloud, hoping it would trigger something. Nope, I don’t know anyone by that name. I didn’t know what to say. That day was a super busy one and I really just wanted to get my lunch and head back to my desk. I suppose I could have just stayed there and discussed where he might know me from but he wasn’t exactly volunteering any details on his own. Instead, I quickly said his name didn’t ring a bell and I walked off to get my lunch.

Was that rude of me? He was the one who started the conversation. I think the onus is on him to tell me where he thought he knew me. Oh well, I hope he had a good lunch.

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