About a week ago we had a big team move at work. People moved desks as we re-organized to accommodate more people on the team. Luckily, I did not have to move as I love my current desk. It offers privacy and a window view. Also, my desk isn’t connected to another desk, so there’s no sharing of space.

The people around me did shuffle around. The guy behind me had to move and in his place another engineer took his desk. The new occupant moved her stuff in and then, without warning, lowered the opaque shade on our shared window. I can only guess she did that so there isn’t any extra light shining on her monitors. Well, if that’s the case, I can see my monitors fine and the guy that sat there before was fine with it too. I essentially don’t have a window anymore and our area is noticeably more dreary.

Not wanting to be a dick, I didn’t raise it back up without discussing it with her. It does suck that I can’t see outside anymore. It’s a great view too. I have a view of the entire soccer field plus the mountains in the distance. In the winter, I can see the snow-capped peaks, it’s amazing.

Surely we can come to some compromise. Who doesn’t like a desk with a view?

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