In the fall of 2016 I had to deal with not one but two construction sites around me as they were in the pile-driving stage. The incessant and loud pounding started way before my scheduled alarm and bothered hundreds of people in my general vicinity.

The noise finally ceased before 2017 rolled around but a new challenger has appeared. The building beside me is going to be rental apartments and it’s located just feet away from the Skytrain tracks. The three existing buildings along this block also are near the tracks. Each building has canopy which extends over the tracks so that residents can’t throw stuff from their windows and onto the tracks, which would be disastrous. This new building also needs a canopy to prevent the same tomfoolery from happening as well.

Unfortunately, the canopy cannot be erected and put into place until after the Skytrain finishes running for the night, which is usually around 1:30am. For two weeks now, I can hear construction happening at 2am in the morning. While unpleasant, it actually hasn’t affected my sleep too much. If I had to pick between trying to go to sleep with construction noise or woken up early with construction noise, the former seems to be easier to deal with. I’m sure some of my neighbours would disagree however.

Well, it should be another hour or so before the construction dudes clock in for the night.

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