I returned home this evening expecting that all my computer woes were behind me. I turned on the machine, only to see it fail to boot into Windows once again. Unbelievable. Before I let dismay completely wash over me, I somehow was able to produce a semi-logical thought in my brain. Software doesn’t just degrade over time. Windows was working last night, there should be no reason why it wouldn’t just because some time had passed. What if it wasn’t a software problem?

I then remembered that about six or seven years ago, my computer also failed to boot and it was because of my stupid Blu-ray drive. Back then, I theorized that my old power supply couldn’t supply enough power to my motherboard and the disc drive at the same and that somehow prevented Windows from starting. I had disconnected the drive and everything worked again. About three years ago, I upgraded my power supply to something a bit beefier and I plugged the drive back in. The problem went away.

I’m guessing this new motherboard draws more power than my old one so now I’m back to the same old problem. Anyways, with the disc drive disconnected once again, my system returned to normal operation. Not having an optical drive isn’t really a big deal I suppose as I did survive without one before. If need be, I can also buy a new one that surely uses less power than this one, which was one of the very early Blu-ray drives on the market for PCs.

Anyways, I’m sure there will be no more problems my computer going forward. Right?

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