On Sunday I was on my way to have dim sum with my parents. I was going to use public transportation so I was walking towards the train platform. Along the way, I noticed a brown stain on the concrete floor. At first I thought it was mud because it was thin. The weather was warm and sunny though and we weren’t near anything that had dirt. As I continued to walk, I saw more of these brown stains and then I realized it wasn’t dirt, it was poop.

The poop was very loose in consistency, very high on the Bristol chart if I had to give it a number. Did some poor soul have an emergency of some sort? Closer to the station gates, there was a much thicker layer of poop, with a shoe print clearly on it. Did the pooper step in their own loose poop? Or perhaps some unsuspecting person not look down in time?

The poop trail ended at the gates. It was difficult to tell which end of the poop trail was the start and which was the end. Did they poop leaving the train or on the way to the train? I guess if you really had to poop you wouldn’t be running to catch a train. Well, whatever happened I hope that person was able to salvage their dignity somehow. Pooping yourself is just terrible.

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