After work I went and had dinner with a friend. Said friend lives quite close to me so we decided to go somewhere near both our homes. We settled on a pho place that is relatively new. I’ve been there twice before. Their pho is quite average and for some reason their beef slices are tough and chewy. How difficult is it to use beef that is sliced thinly? Every other pho place seems to be able to figure it out. This time around I decided to have lemongrass chicken and rice instead. It was pretty good. Dinner ended and my friend and I parted ways.

I spent most of the evening playing video games. Toward the end of the evening I wasn’t feeling so great. It took me a few minutes to realize what the discomfort was. I was feeling nausea. Whatever it was, it was coming from the upper part of my chest. I’ve had food poisoning and norovirus enough times to know how it starts and it always starts with nausea. I began to burp a few times too. That usually doesn’t happen so long after dinner. For me at least, burping can and has been a precursor for my body getting ready to purge itself through vomiting.

It’s been about three hours since the symptoms first appeared and I feel slightly less nauseous now, though I wouldn’t say I feel awesome either. A concern is that my upper back is now very tight and a bit sore. This is really difficult to explain but there have been times where I’ve had food poisoning and norovirus and for some reason, my back muscles tighten up and get sore. I’m not sure why that happens. It could be because I’m dehydrated. I haven’t been drinking a lot of water tonight.

If there is some good news in all of this, nothing is wrong with the rest of my digestive system. There has been no extra farting tonight and I certainly have not been peeing out of my butt. The next twelve hours will be very important. If I really do have some food-borne illness, it will most likely prevent me from sleeping. The last time that happened, I could get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I was in a lot of discomfort and eventually got up from my bed, and then forced myself to vomit into the sink. I instantly felt better and was able to sleep after that. Will this repeat itself tonight? Who knows?

I’ll update everyone tomorrow.

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