For several years now, this site has been hosted on GoDaddy. I know GoDaddy hasn’t had the best of reputations but for the little dog and pony show we run here it’s been fine. Unfortunately, it now costs twice as much to host with them compared to when I first signed up. I haven’t received any discernible improvements or feature enhancements with the added costs. If there have been, I don’t use them. So why pay more for the same service?

I went looking for alternatives and I found a host that costs half as much. Their uptime guarantee is pretty much the same as GoDaddy’s. My site isn’t really mission critical, so I can be very tolerant of even minor issues. If my site goes down for ten minutes, I don’t lose money or anything. I can afford to experiment with a new host.

My current hosting agreement ends in about two weeks. Before then, I’ll be starting the process of moving everything to the new host. Hopefully, the move should be transparent to you and the three other people who read this blog on the regular. Since this site is pretty simple, the move shouldn’t require that much work.

I’ll let you know when everything is done.

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